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Automatic startup of ActivityWatch on Windows 10

ActivityWatch is a great open-source time tracking software, but installing automatic startup on Windows 10 isn't so easy.

First, let's create a PowerShell file somewhere, that starts aw-qt.exe (the ActivityWatch process) headless.

Remember to change E:\Software\activitywatch\aw-qt.exe to the path of the executable.

Adding it to automatic startup

Now, open Run window with + R.

Type shell:startup to the Open box, and click OK.

Now, create new shortcut (see the picture)
Create new shortcut

Set location to powershell PATH\TO\THE\POWERSHELL-SCRIPT.ps1.

Set the name to whatever you want such as StartActivityWatch.

Then, relogin to your system.

Final step

After relogin, you should see a notification from ActivityWatch.

aw-qt.exe notification

Well done! You've installed automatic startup for ActivityWatch. Now, you should go to http://localhost:5600/ to see your ActivityWatch dashboard.

Automatic startup of ActivityWatch on Windows 10
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